Classroom Libraries: Looking to enhance your library?

We have developed a unique and efficient needs assessment process which quickly gives us a clear sense of the contents of your classroom library, and -    even more importantly - the specific “holes” (in material: subject, grade level) you’re looking to fill. With local schools, we spend a day of our time in your building, meeting with your staff (by grade level), inquiring as to their needs and preferences, and looking through a broad range of sample items from dozens of individual publishers. From these brief interviews, we generate lists of specific titles to fill your library’s needs - for your approval - then send the books your way!

Based on our past experiences, we can guarantee you will be impressed with   the quality and variety of the new material we provide for you!

Reading First Services:

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Teacher Inservices

  1. Start With a Special Story: Early Literacy Through Literature

  2. This hands-on workshop focuses on developmentally-appropriate multisensory activities linked to stories, songs, and rhymes. Through games and activities emphasizing phonemic skills, alphabet, and comprehension, preschoolers will naturally discover the wonders of print and language.

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  4. A Rhyme for Every Reason: Poetry & the Five Components of Reading

  5. No other reading genre has the built-in potential for developing the Five Key Components of Reading. While enhancing your students’ poetry analysis skills, learn how to use poetry to enrich all areas of your curriculum. Discover an exciting, new array of poetry which will create a passion for verse!

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  7. The Six Traits Plus One Model of Writing

  8. This incredible workshop has already made a dramatic difference in hundreds of Colorado classrooms! Carolyn will energize your teachers with new ways of implementing the Six Traits Plus One Writing Model, highlighting fresh, exciting cross-curricular literature and letting participants experience new writing activities through mini-lessons.

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  10. Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Teaching Writing Through Traditional Tales

  11. Discover 50 magical writing prompts and lessons which can be applied to any fairy tale - traditional or twisted - and are appropriate for both elementary and secondary students. These lessons utilize the Six Trait Writing Model and multiple intelligences, communicate differently with various audiences, and develop creative and critical thinking skills.

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  13. Tune Up the Text: Connecting Music to Literacy

  14. Discover an incredible array of new music-related literature and enhance your students’ interest in reading through toe-tapping rhythms and catchy tunes. Rhyming, rhythmic, musical books are perfect tools for promoting literacy - specifically phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency. This workshop is perfect for both music and classroom teachers.

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